Kill team ideas
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Author:  Forest [ Sun Nov 13, 2016 3:08 am ]
Post subject:  Kill team ideas

local game shop has a semi regular kill team event and I may be able to squeeze in once and a while. but between relearning the rules and changes I am not sure what to field,some ideas i had so far for 200 pts

* Brood lord + max number of genestealers and if possible poison feels solid but felt like it was still lacking, mainly in ranged combat and speed (gap closing)

*large squad of ravaners, able to give some light fire power and still able to upgrade with rending,, their beast ability makes them jump troop speed and extra charge range.

*Warriors felt more rounded as i can upgrade to shrikes for speed or take a alpha for the bonus BS/WS and some heavy artillery combined with lethal melee

Im sure its the typical weights but trying to balance the lack of firepower with ways to close distance to gain our more favorable melee combat, or scrapping one altogether and trying to dedicate to melee/ranged.

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