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 Post subject: Travel Tournament: 5 pre-disclosed missions and opponents!
PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2016 8:04 pm 
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BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT: I am asking for some assistance with list-building for very specific games against very specific factions.

SUMMARY: I just signed up for a tournament/league in a new and interesting game format.

Instead of a normal 3-game RTT over a long Saturday, our TO has put together a "travel league", where players have signed up to play a total of five games over the next six weeks (01 May - 13 June), with each game happening within a 2-week window at a time and location when the two players arrange to meet (i.e. game 1 for each pairing is whenever they can arrange to play between 01 May and 15 May). This means that the games may end up out of sequence slightly (the two-week windows overlap each other), and the seeding is Round Robin instead of pairing by record.

The good news about this is that all of the pairings are published (prior to the start of the tournament), and each player has to specify their primary and allied faction. Lists are flexible for the first two games (keeping the same primary and allied faction), but the list for the last three games must be the same and submitted by 16 May.

The games are 1850 and use the NOVA open rules, FAQ, missions, etc (google for more details). Some of the main consequences of this ruleset are serious nerfs on D-strength weapons/stomps, invisibility, and summonining, all of which are good for Tyranids since we don't have any of those things.

I can see some significant advantages and disadvantages to this format:

- Predictable enemy factions and missions for each game, with weeks to tinker with list building.

- I know some of the players and the sorts of lists they have played for previous events (needless to say, this format will lend itself to everyone else doing list-tailoring just as much as me).

- Less time pressure during play than a normal tournament, because each game is at the convenience (time and location) of the pair of players. This makes high model-count armies more playable, because they won't artificially bias games to only getting in 3-4 turns instead of going to the end (which in turn provides a bias against turn-by-turn objectives that might be more achievable by Tyranids due to their lower survivability over the course of the game, for example).

- I will have the opportunity to play against opponents of all skill levels, which will potentially lead to getting stomped more often (I'm just not that good) but also better learning experiences.

- No TO onsite during the games, which means we'll have to place terrain (fortunately, the scheme is relatively fixed by the NOVA rules) and handle any rules disputes ourselves (again, largely handled by the extensive NOVA FAQ, but there's always something interesting like the "Skytyrant Swarm -> Deepstrike"? ambiguity).

The pairings look like this (keep in mind that these are NOVA versions of these missions using NOVA board/terrain set-up, so they will be different from the rulebook):

Game 1 - Crusade / Dawn of War vs. Tau
Game 2 - The Scouring / Hammer and Anvil vs. Space Marines w/ Eldar Allies
Game 3 - The Relic / Vanguard Strike vs. Khorne Daemonkin
Game 4 - Points and Regions / Dawn of War vs. Tau (incidentally, this player always gets in the top 3 at our FLGS's RTTs/GTs)
Game 5 - Crusade / Vanguard Strike vs. Dark Eldar w/ Eldar Allies

Given the high level of preparation possible, I am soliciting the Gestalt for some list-building advice for each of the first two games and the collective of the last three.

Tau makes me sweat (last RTT/GT I had fun with lists of Storm Surge + Riptide formation + Marker Drones + Void Shield, castled in the corner ready to pulverize anything that moved or deepstruck). I'll need something that can take a lot of shots while moving across the board that is capable of taking down T6 Sv2+ multi-wound MCs, or alternately something that can get to an objective and survive 5+ turns of "ignores cover" pummeling while sitting there.

Space Marines with Eldar probably means drop pods for alpha strike on objectives, jetbikes for objective grabbing and fire support, and possibly warp spiders. Strong possibility of either a Librarius Conclave or a Farseer for psychic support (or both).

If the Khorne player is the one I'm thinking of, then it's lots of Hounds and two D-axe Bloodthirsters, with a fair sprinkling of khorne bikers and deepstriking bloodletters. Oh, and a tiny unit of cultists to hold a home objective while the rest of the army runs forward.

Finally, I haven't played against DE in quite a long time, but the last time I spent the whole game trying to get in range of his Venoms as they danced around and shot up my whole army while remaining out of range of my guns and movement. Not sure what the state of the art is these days for DE.

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 Post subject: Re: Travel Tournament: 5 pre-disclosed missions and opponent
PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2016 2:10 am 
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I wish I could help. But list writing in 7th edition is a task best left to more experienced players. ;)

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 Post subject: Re: Travel Tournament: 5 pre-disclosed missions and opponent
PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2016 6:03 am 
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mawlocks, as many as you can fit, terror from the deep should deal with a good amount of your tau and some of the squads from the others.

for general use> genestealers are solid against anything if you can deliver. if you can utilize their infilltrate combine them with some lictors using unique DS to find a piece of terrain or block LOS all together, and let them loose on the units near by. their better for infantry killing but more then capable of taking out lesser tanks.

far as walking up the middle only units i can see gettin away with that are tyranofex and flyers, and neither have had a long life in my experience but ofcourse HVC-harpys, 2x dev-flyrants have had impacts before leaving my tables crones i havn't the pleasure of trying but their solid on paper.

chaos bikers/infantry i just go poisoned hormagaunts myself but poison termigant are just as effective spread some venomthropes to walk em.

^just the above should give you a versatile list customized to your needs ofcourse, but for some other tid bits that may help below

im fond of raveners/shrikes for their 12" movements, raveners also ignore terrain for charging so full power on the charge plus stock tails (roughly a squad of 5 putting out 25 attacks at higher initiative +5 tails at slower)

2x dev fex can never go wrong but as usual focus firing will get them melted when playing corners.

Biovores are a personal must just to disrupt lines or pesky things like gun boats, (open top rules and barrage)
hivegaurd willl also be useful for your DE problem able to punch through their jink and decent range biggest risk ofcourse is all their poison weapons makes their infantry adittional leathal our Nids as we have no way to protect against it
tyrannofex with acid spray is expensive but great for a back line gaurd, plus it has a torrent flamer so it'll eat something before it goes away
exocrine can serve similar purpose to hivegaurd and tyrannofex so may be a way to adjust points their to more durability/point slashing
gargoyles are still a classic screen unit, specialy combined with venomthrope/malenthrope.

overall best i can see go as naked as possable forget any and all upgrades you can and double your units, and cut them to as small a groups you feel efficient. forget trying to keep gants/gaunts alive ina alarge group go for multiple small groups and try to eat up as much shooting possabel even if it kills of a few units. better to lose 3 units of 10 and save your bigs where having a large groups means your losing a squad of 30 and half the squad next to it from focus firing.

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