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 Post subject: First Lists with Formations (1750pts)
PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 2:29 am 
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I absorbed the three dataslates and have now taken my first goes at 1750pt lists using some of the formations available. Here are two lists that I created. Let me know what you think.


Hive Tyrant w/ Wings, LW/BS, Miasma Cannon, Sheddershard Beetles, Adrenal Glands, Hive Commander [warlord]

Termagants (30) w/ 15x Devs, 15x FBs
Tervigon w/ Regeneration

Formation: Subterranean Swarm
Trygon Prime w/ Reaper of Obliterax, Regeneration
Trygon w/ Regeneration
Mawloc w/ Regeneration
3x Ravener Brood (3) w/ Devs, Rending Claws


Tyranid Prime w/ BS, Dev, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs [warlord]
Hive Tyrant w/ Wings, LW/BS, ST, Hive Commander

Tyranid Warrior Brood (5) w/ 4x BS, 1x RC, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs
Ripper Swarm Brood (5), w/ DS, Spinefists, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs

Formation: Deathleaper's Assassin's Brood

Formation: Manufactorum Genestealers
All broods have Toxin Sacs

The inspiration for both was the desire to reimagine Mycetic Spores with the new codex. The first list is a lot more abrupt about it. There are four total units for the purposes of deployment. The Subterranean Swarm has to be in reserve. Hive Commander goes on the Termagant Brood to make it outflank. The Hive Tyrant and Tervigon start on the board, hidden as much as possible so they can sit tight and wait until Turn 2 or 3 when the bulk of the army arrives. I would choose to go first if possible and select the side with the best blocking terrain available. Regeneration is plentiful in the list, possessed by all W6 models in an effort to improve their longevity. That three of them arrive at once is most helpful. In an ideal situation both reserves arrive on time and both the HT and Tervigon cannot be eliminated in the opponent's first turn(s), paving the way for both mop up duties by the Flyrant starting on Turn 3 and backfield management of objectives by the Tervigon and whatever brood(s) it generates.

The second list is much more "in your face" during Deployment. There are 15 deployable units in the list (didn't see anything that says the formations count as one deployment option, so I'm assuming each unit in each formation is considered separately). Several Genestealer Broods from the formation will deploy on the board immediately, one or two will come in through Outflank and another may deploy in my backfield or come in on my board edge against more mobile armies for backfield protection. The Lictor Broods and Deathleaper can either Infiltrate to ideal positions for immediate upfront pressure over multiple fronts, hide behind blocking terrain to prevent immediate eradication, and/or go into DS reserve to arrive within 12" of any Psykers to make casting just a little more challenging (that -1Ld can be really handy against Warlock councils). Deathleaper offers his usual nerf on a particularly strong Psyker or IG (or is that now AM?) Commander/Commisar. It does have a high likelihood of giving up First Blood to the opponent, so target priority will be key during unit placement and general movement.

Those are the intentions to both, anyway. Both are weak against Flyers save for the Flyrants in each (and one doesn't have a ranged weapon at all), but the hope is that I'll be too busy getting engaged in close combat to worry about getting shot to pieces by one/them. Thankfully my local meta doesn't field many of them at all, so it's not a terrible concern.


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