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 Post subject: Frontline Saturation
PostPosted: Fri Jan 17, 2014 6:47 pm 
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I have an idea to get extreme pressure on an opponent's backfield, but I'm unsure how to close it out. This is the core for a 1750pt list.

Hive Tyrant (warlord) w/ Hive Commander, LW/BS, AG
-Tyrant Guard (3) w/ 2x Crushing Claws, 1x LW/BS, AG

Termagants (30) w/ Devourers

Venomthropes (2)

Mawloc w/ Regen
Trygon Prime w/ Regen

The Termagants would be granted Outflank by Hive Commander and light up a flanking unit of opportunity. The Tervigon would be in the backfield holding up the rear fort, as it were. Mawloc and Trygon Prime in DS reserve to pop up and cause all sorts of immediate mayhem on the opponent's backfield. They would also help run fire interference from the Hive Tyrant and whatever other CC-oriented units I have walking up along with.

I'm looking at a grounded Hive Tyrant w/ Guard instead of a Flyrant because the lack of ablative wounds to protect him worry me too much. Marching up with the mobile Shrouded compliments of the Venomthropes with appropriate cover terrain would improve their longevity, and Adrenals give them improved mobility to close in quick.

What I'm not sure about is the rest. I can go several different ways here:
  • 2x Screamer Killers w/ Adrenal Glands to escort the HT+TG
  • Haruspex and a Crone, the former to escort the HT+TG and the other to provide fire support (don't have a Harpy at the moment)
  • Haruspex and Deathleaper
  • Deathleaper and Lictors
  • Lictors and a Genestealer Brood

The DL and/or Lictors and/or Genestealers offer options to add increased pressure to the opponent's front lines and keep him on the defensive. Not having another large body like a Fex Brood or Haruspex would leave the Hive Tyrant unit vulnerable.

Given the approach, what would you recommend? Note I don't have a Harpy, an Exocrine or Shrikes; I have most everything else.

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