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 Post subject: 1750pt Bio-Artefact Heavy List
PostPosted: Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:15 pm 
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Decided to put my money where my mouth is and try out a number of these Bio-Artefacts.

Tyranid Prime (Warlord)
- AG, TS, Acid Blood, Maw-Claws
Hive Tyrant
- Wings, Miasma Cannon, LW/BS, Shreddershard, Acid Blood, Indescribable Horror, AG

Hormagaunts (25) w/ AG, TS
Genestealers (14) w/ TS
- Broodlord w/ Toxin Sacs

Haruspex w/ AG, TS
Venomthrope Brood (3)

2x Spore Mine Cluster (3)

Trygon Prime
- TS, Acid Blood, Regen, Ymgarl Factor, Reaper of Obliterax

TOTAL: 1748pts

The idea is to have the Haruspex, Trygon Prime and Hormagaunt Brood w/ Tyranid Prime front and center, with Venomthropes behind for Shrouding support. Genestealers either infiltrate or Outflank depending on circumstance. Flyrant is in the rear as it can advance quicker than the rest and I don't want it taken out too soon, or I put it in DS Reserve to complicate the tableau later in the game. Everything but the Venomthropes and Spore Mines have Fleet thanks to either built-in rule or AG. Four units have a model with Acid Blood, too, so once I engage it'll maximize the pain along the way. The Spore Mine Cluster deploys to really complicate matters as I close in, ideally to harass a camping shooting unit to either take away a round of attacks or force them to suffer the consequences of ignoring them.

While light on Troops, I like the "in your face" attitude of it. It is a little light on Psykers, with only the Hive Tyrant possessing the ability to potentially buff units. Should I roll poorly (e.g. get more maledictions and witchfires than blessings) I'll be more inclined to DS it into play than start with it on the board. Should I get lots of blessings I'll definitely start with it in the rear, buffing units accordingly.

I tossed about the idea of granting the Haruspex Regeneration to augment its ability to regain wounds, but decided against it. I understand that Indescribable Horror is situational, but I like the "freakout" factor of this list, with this Tyrant upgrade and the Broodlord Psychic Power in the list coupled with lots of Fear-causing units.

If anything, it'll be fun to run across the board as fast as possible. :D

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