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 Post subject: Noob looking for help....
PostPosted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:38 pm 

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Hello guys...new member and long time lurker....thought i would finally throw out a list i have been tinkering with for a while...any mistakes are my own but i would like to know what you think....i don't play often and enjoy the modeling aspect more....but c&c is always welcome....

Well enough blather....on to the list....

HQ: Armored shell tyrant, barbed strangler, OA
HQ: Tyrant guard x2

HQ: Malanthrope brood - Malanthropes x3

Troops: Hormagaunts x25 - TS,AG
Tervigon - x2 powers, Scytals
Termagants x 10 - Devourers x10

FA: Shrikes x 4 - BS/LW
Harpy - Twin link Strangle cannon
Gargoyles x 14 - TS

HS: Mawloc
Biovores x2

Now i realize that malanthropes aren't something u see everyday but i guess i have grown bored looking at the same old netlists day after day and was intrigued by the "flying circus" concept and had considered loading this list out with 9 zoanthropes to maximize the psychic potential...as malanthropes get 3 rolls each on the powers table + 2 per zoa + 2 for the terv = for a total of 20 rolls...not to shabby in my estimation...but as i said...any mistakes are mine...

but this list as-is comes in at a little under 2k points and including the zoa's would have pushed it into near apoc level....

I have zero experience with building for xenos, i built primarily for chaos and loyalist armies when i actively played and was soon discouraged at my local meta level at the elitist 'cliche' that i encountered as i was a noob and had just moved here, and suffice to say the reception was a bit disheartening for a new gamer.....so i built armies for myself, selling my painting services merely to fund the next army,....fast forward 10 years and i finally venture into tyranids....this will be my 11th army....my 6th for GW but i figure the local scene had changed, i know i have....and was looking for some impute on a list to reintroduce myself with and was looking for some pointers....
thanks for listening and any help is appreciated...SwarmintheNorth

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