1200 Points - vs. Orks and/or IG
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Author:  Scrotatohead [ Fri Aug 26, 2011 1:04 pm ]
Post subject:  1200 Points - vs. Orks and/or IG

Got a friendly tournament going tomorrow. 1200 points. I'll be up against either Orks (Trio of Killa Kans, trio of choppas, and a whole bunch of bodies, maybe a trukk), Ultramarines (dual Dreads, TFCannon, trio of Rhinos with unknown content), or IG (unknown make-up but will be tank heavy with most likely a Manticore and Leman Russ).

Heres my list:

HQ: T Prime, LW&BS 95
HQ: Tervigon, CS, AG, TS 180
EL: 1 x 2 Hive Guard 100
EL: 1 x 2 Zoanthrope in pod 160
EL: 1 x Venomthrope 55
TR: 10 x Termagant 50
TR: 15 x Hormagaunt, TS 120
TR: 4 x T Warrior, 1 x BS 130
FA: 16 x Gargoyle 96
HS: Carnifex, 2 x TLDS, Bio-Plasma 210

1196 points

Never played a carnifex before. Want to try it out and think this is a good anti-infantry set up. The Venomthrope will shadow the Carnifex to provide cover save help, and the Gargoyles will fly ahead as a firing meat shield. The Prime will shift back and forth between the Carnifex and the Warrior brood. Knowing my opponents they'll concentrate fire on that blob leaving the Tervigon to advance and spawn, hopefully pumping out a nice core of shooty violence.


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