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 Post subject: Synapse and Leadership
PostPosted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 3:56 pm 
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I had a moment the other day, y'know where you're confident of a rule but suddenly a shadow [in the warp] of doubt passes through your mind and suddenly you're questioning the way you've been playing for years. Anyway, Synapse confers Fearless, which means anything usually within 12" automatically passes Pinning, Fear, Regroup tests and Morale checks. However, the Tervigon also has Brood Progenitor which means all units of Termagants can use the Tervigon's Leadership for any tests they are required to take but only within 6".

Now the situation I found myself in was a unit of Termagants were within Synapse but outside of 6" so I had to use their Leadership value [some Necron flame gauntlet used the Leadership value for the attack, or something]. So this is a perfect example of how everything works in those rules, they might be Fearless but they only get Ld10 when they're close to Mommy. But it made me think, I'm sure I may have been using the full 12" Synapse Range instead of the 6" of Brood Progenitor [my bad] but also any similar situations I may well have been confering the Leadership value of my Hive Tyrant and other Synapse Creatures as my Termagnts Ld if and when they are within Synapse of them.

So my question really is confirmation that it's only the Tervigon that gets to confer their Ld within 6", there hasn't been any Tyranid or big Rulebook FAQ or such that makes Synapse creatures confer their Ld. I'm sure I'm getting this belief from somewhere way back but I couldn't find it. Granted there are only limited situations broods need an Ld check when they have Fearless but I want to get everything straight in my head [which as you can probably see is a bit all over the place :wink:]


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 Post subject: Re: Synapse and Leadership
PostPosted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 4:47 pm 
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no dwez, you're correct. Synapse gives fearless, but leaves the leadership value of a unit untouched. Old one eye has a rule where she confers her leadership as well, but that's it.

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