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 Post subject: Hive Tyrant insect wings?
PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:56 am 
Little One
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*Bursts out of brood hive confusedly*

What's this? 8th edition is out and it's good? And Tyranids are good again? Hooray! *Happy chittering*


I have a metal Hive Tyrant I'm in the process of converting up at the moment. I wanted to give him insect wings, as A: it frees up the other pair of arms (insect wings are muscled extensions of an insect's carapace rather than actual limbs, so if you apply that biology principle it doesn't break the Tyranid 6-limb rule), B: it would set him apart from the plastic winged Hive Tyrant, and C: insect wings are cool. However, I have a bit of a problem, notably I have no idea where I might get suitably sized wings.

I'm going for a Japanese beetle look for my Tyrant, complete with curving "horns" protruding from the carapace in much the same way as some beetles have horns on their thorax, and protective wing cases made from Trygon head plates. Now I could in theory use the larger wings from the Plague Drone kit, as they're nicely shaped and not too Chaotic. However, I'm not sure whether they'd be big enough for him as I've never actually handled the bitz; obviously they don't have to be as large compared to the body as "limb" wings do due to the way they work, but if they're too small it'll look absolutely comical. I'm in the process of sculpting some gribbly insectile wings from putty over plasticard but it's not going terribly well and I'm almost out of Apoxie Sculpt. I had considered using the wings from an old broken bootleg Transformer-thing that turned into a dragonfly, but it was chucked out long ago unfortunately.

So anyway, what should I do for his wings? I've got three ideas I think might work-

1: Use Plague Drone wings (assuming they're big enough, any size comparisons would be appreciated)

2: Scratchbuild my own (advice on how to do so would be appreciated as quite frankly the ones I'd trying to make at the moment are a complete disaster)

3: Use wings from a toy/cheap model insect (note that I'd rather avoid actual "third party" bitz if only to preserve the ability to use it in stores)

4: Use actual preserved insect wings (I have seen this done before and it looked amazing, but A: I imagine they're quite fragile even when preserved, B: they're probably quite expensive, C: I'm not sure there's anything with wings big enough that I could source the parts from without contributing to some rather shady enterprises, and D: I have a feeling even the most lenient store owner might take exception to actual dead animal bits on a model).

Alternatively I could just use my plastic winged Hive Tyrant and make this metal one into a Swarmlord... but where's the fun in that?

Anyway, any recommendations would be much appreciated.

Nom, nom, nom, nom nom nom, om...

 Post subject: Re: Hive Tyrant insect wings?
PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 7:33 pm 
Mawloc Prime
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Find pictures of insect wings you like online.

(for example)
[Open in new window]

Print out on transparent paper.

Get said paper laminated.

Cut out carefully with heavy scissors; laminate is thick and you will wear out your thumb.

Glue where you want.

Exclaim "TA DAAAAAAA!" when you're done.


 Post subject: Re: Hive Tyrant insect wings?
PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 3:40 pm 
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I am not a fan of insect wings on tyranids, but thats a matter of taste i guess.
I think the wings of the nurgle drones should work very good. But this is not the cheapest option. But wtf, this hobby is expensive, so go for it.




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